Tired Legs

After months of planning and organising, the day finally came for the first official Steve Cram Training Camp.
A treacherous drive to Sandy balls on Friday morning through snow, sleet, fog and gusting gales did not fill us with hope for the coming weekend. Luckily however, the clouds parted and the sun broke through as we arrived. And that set the tone for the rest of the weekend! Perfect running weather!

Kitted out in our brand new Steve Cram Training Camp Nike kit, we all met up for our first run of the weekend, a gentle run out into the forest with Steve. After a quick shower and change it was time for a refuel at one of the on site restaurants, and a chance to get to know who we were going to be running with for the next few days. For the evening entertainment, Steve had lined up a little talk and a video from his recent trip to the high altitude training camp with the UK Athletics Team.

[youtube id=”9kFF7IMT5tE”]

We started Saturday with an introduction and warm up by Martin Yelling and his team of runners and then set off to a our first session of the day, some speed play (Fartlek). 

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This produced a few tired bodies so it was back to base for some well earned sports massage and physio, and of course that all important bite to eat! Our next guest was seasoned marathon runner Nell McAndrew (heavily pregnant!) to give us an insight to a non-elite runners experiences of training.

For our second session of the day we headed out to a near by cricket pitch for some team sprints, with tired legs form was not looking great but competitive spirit shone through!

The evening entertainment came in the form of a brain teasing question of sport style quiz. Top prizes: Nike running shoes and other goodies for runners up. So just a warning…. get the revision in for the next camp!

Our final session of the weekend was a group run with spectacular views around the forrest. It felt good to flush out a weekend’s worth of training and a nice way to finish of the weekend.

What a pleasure it was to spend the weekend with 30 like-minded individuals and we look forward to hopefully seeing you all again at our next camp!

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